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Get Involved

Things to do

We're always pleased to have more hands on deck,

so if you're looking for a way to get involved, here's an overview of what we get up to in the organising of things.


At the Holy Hours we play and

sing praise and worship music


Organising trips or various kinds is a popular one at KSU. Over the years KSUers have set up trips to places far and wide for holidays, volunteer work, pilgrimage... Usually one person has an idea and needs others to help!

Speaker events

Speaker nights can be a great way to deepen knowledge, broaden understanding and meet inspiring people. Setting them up is a great way to contribute to the other people's lives.

Fun stuff

Nothing like good times together in an atmosphere of friendship! Friends you make at university can sometimes be really important people in your life. Worth the effort to bring people together!


There are many ways to grow as a person, to progress on the important questions in life. Besides speaker nights we have regular reading groups, Alpha courses about the fundamentals of the Christian faith, debates on big issues, weekend sessions and retreats. Want to help with that?

Please get in touch! or grab us at a KSU event

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